Aerospike 6.2 on AWS Graviton2 significantly reduces total cost of ownership

Srini Srinivasan
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
November 14, 2022|3 min read

To meet market demand for greater infrastructure efficiencies and savings, I am pleased to announce that Aerospike Database 6 is now available on AWS Graviton. Aerospike version 6.2 on Graviton further strengthens our partnership with AWS and provides a dramatic reduction of infrastructure costs for real-time applications.

In addition to the already proven low total cost of ownership (TCO) of Aerospike’s Hybrid Memory Architecture, joint customers of AWS and Aerospike now have the option of using Graviton-based deployments to achieve greater energy efficiencies for certain CPU-intensive in-memory workloads. The combined solution offers companies a way to save while continuing to innovate during uncertain economic times.

From its inception, Aerospike has been a leader in leveraging modern hardware and processor enhancements for real-time data applications. The Aerospike 6.2 release, supporting Graviton, is another important step in this journey. Note that Aerospike’s unique design allows customers to benefit from a reduced server footprint when compared to other real-time solutions, thus resulting in an order of magnitude lower TCO. Deploying Aerospike on AWS Graviton-based instances further reduces the TCO and carbon footprint of solutions.

In a benchmark we ran with the support of AWS, the Aerospike Database processed 25 million transactions per second on Graviton instances versus 21.1 million transactions per second on equivalent x86_64 instances (an 18% improvement).


Figure 1: Transaction throughput (TPS rate) is 25M TPS and 18% better on the Graviton2 cluster

Additionally, the Graviton deployment was 27% less costly than the x86_64 one.


Table 1: Price-performance calculations (est’d annual cluster cost/number of transactions processed per second) was 63% better on the Graviton2 cluster

Aerospike on AWS is a natural fit

With the growth of real-time data surpassing every other category, application architects are always looking into more efficient infrastructure and data platforms on which to update and build their real-time applications. A combination of AWS Graviton with Aerospike Database 6.2 provides an ideal starting point to build these next-generation services with global reach at reduced cost and increased performance.

Aerospike and AWS continue to work together on multiple fronts, one of which is building reference architectures across industries.

Reduce infrastructure cost and carbon footprint with Aerospike on Graviton

A recent IEEE paper stated that “efficiency is not only about speed. More efficient software also requires less hardware, uses less energy, and has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)”. The AWS-Aerospike partnership delivers improved performances and sustainability. Aerospike regularly reduces server footprint by up to 80%, consequently reducing a customer’s carbon footprint by a similar amount.

Running Aerospike on Graviton significantly reduced carbon emissions, estimated by AWS to be a 49% improvement per TPS, when running a read-only workload at 99% sub-millisecond latencies. The tests used 192 CPU cores on three Graviton-based C6gn.16xlarge instances versus a comparable workload run on two x86-based M5n.24xlarge instances, also using 192 CPU cores.

Aerospike 6.2 at AWS re: Invent

We will showcase the benefits of the Aerospike Database on Graviton at re: Invent. AWS Vice President of EC2 Product Management Raj Pai and Aerospike CEO Subbu Iyer will discuss building real-time applications using the smallest cluster footprint by leveraging native support for Graviton. We will also be demonstrating Aerospike’s capabilities as a document database, its SQL analytics capabilities, and the resilience of our geo-distributed real-time data platform.

Again, I am very pleased to announce the general availability of Aerospike Database 6.2 on Graviton. Please read the press release here and the benchmark white paper here.