Aerospike Database

The massively scalable, millisecond latency, real-time database

Cost-effectively process transactions, documents, graphs, and vectors for real-time operations and decisioning.

Make better decisions faster

Aerospike is the fastest way to get data where you most need it, with predictable sub-millisecond response times

No limits on performance

Aerospike outperforms competitors using 80% less infrastructure with 99.999% availability

Unlimited headroom

Infinite scaling - gigabytes to petabytes - that keeps up with your ambitions, so there’s never a need to re-platform

Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
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Aerospike Database 7 is the engine of the Aerospike real-time data platform. Unlike other NoSQL systems, Aerospike delivers predictable performance, scales from gigabytes to petabytes, is strongly consistent, with unparalleled cross-datacenter replication for a true globally distributed real-time database. It can be deployed in any public, private, or multi-cloud environment and is also available as a managed service.

Aerospike Database 7 features a unified storage engine format for in-memory, all-flash, and hybrid memory storage engines, giving customers maximum flexibility and cost efficiencies no matter which storage engine they choose. With the release of Aerospike Database 7.1, Aerospike provides precision LRU cache eviction for in-memory caching and optimizations for cost-effective NVMe-compatible block storage.

Enterprise performance for unlimited database scaling

Our customers rely on Aerospike as the foundation for their future.


The data processed


% uptime


Performance boost


Server reduction

What's new in Aerospike Database 7

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Document Database storage for JSON and Java

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Built for the infinitely possible

Architects, developers, and devops can surprise themselves with what they can do with data with the Aerospike Database 7 capabilities.

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  • Low latency to make decisions faster

    The data to decide is always at your fingertips, with predictable sub-millisecond operations
  • 99.999% uptime to be customer-ready

    Always on so you never lose business — or peace of mind, with self-healing, auto-sharding, and advanced replication
  • No more limits to performance

    Eliminate friction to simultaneously achieve superior performance, increased scale, and lowest all-around costs
  • Database scalability so you can keep innovating

    Infinite scaling that keeps up with your ambitions, so there’s never a need to re-platform

Key features of the Aerospike Database

Aerospike provides unmatched predictable performance at any scale with up to 80% server reduction.

Aerospike Database editions

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Aerospike Database 7 release notes

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How it works

Build more with Aerospike

Eliminate the trade-offs between consistency and performance up to petabyte scale while reducing server footprint.

Learn more about the technology behind Aerospike

  • Powerful data model

    Break the RDBMS mold, exploit the benefits of a flexible data model that is much more than a key-value store.

  • Integrate with enterprise environments

    Connect Aerospike with popular open-source frameworks like Spark, Kafka, Presto, and more.

  • Flexible architecture

    Create web-scale applications on a robust and reliable real-time data platform in the language of your preference.

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Build your next data-intensive global-scale app with confidence in data consistency and scalability.

Enterprise Edition
  • Strong consistency

    Aerospike supports strong, immediate consistency to prevent conflicting writes and ensure that reads see the most recently committed data values.

  • Global replication

    Applications built for high availability require geographic replication, often to a datacenter in a different region or to a different cloud provider.

  • Elastic scalability

    As your use cases grow you can easily add more resources to grow as you need.