Aerospike Database 6

The multi-model NoSQL database powering the Aerospike real-time data platform

The multi-model, NoSQL Aerospike Database 6 enables organizations to cost-effectively process gigabytes-to-petabytes of data to make real-time decisions with unlimited scale.

Announcing Aerospike 6.4: Improved query and data distribution

Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
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Aerospike Database Data Models diagram

Aerospike Database 6 is the engine of the Aerospike real-time data platform. Unlike traditional legacy NoSQL systems, Aerospike delivers predictable performance, scales from gigabytes to petabytes, is strongly consistent, with unparalleled cross-datacenter replication for a true globally distributed real-time database. Aerospike overcomes vendor lock-in and is easily deployed in any public, private or multi-cloud environment, is available as a managed service, and is plug-compatible with your existing environment.

Enterprise performance for unlimited database scaling

Our customers rely on Aerospike as the foundation for their future.


The data processed


% uptime


Performance boost


Server reduction

What's new in Aerospike Database 6

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New Document Data Services

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The Aerospike Database difference delivered

Aerospike Database 6 delivers sub-millisecond response times from gigabytes to petabytes for the strictest enterprise requirements.

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  • At unlimited scale

    Predictable performance from gigabytes to petabytes of data. Build your real-time, mission-critical applications with peace of mind and adherence to the strictest of SLAs.
  • All the time

    Five-nines uptime with globally distributed, strongly consistent data. Aerospike has customers with uptime for years on end. Avoid severity-level-one warnings and sleepless nights. Learn why our customers say, “Aerospike just works.”
  • Reduce footprint, grow business

    Customers typically reduce server or cloud instance footprint by up to 80 percent even as business and data grows. Regardless of industry, regardless of the legacy NoSQL competitor, our customers vastly reduce the servers they need to manage with Aerospike positioning them for growth without headaches.

Key features of the Aerospike Database

Aerospike provides unmatched predictable performance at any scale with up to 80% server reduction.

Aerospike Database editions

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Aerospike Database 6.4 release notes

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How it works

Build more with Aerospike

Eliminate the trade-offs between consistency and performance up to petabyte scale while reducing server footprint.

Learn more about the technology behind Aerospike

  • Powerful data model

    Break the RDBMS mold, exploit the benefits of a flexible data model that is much more than a key-value store.

  • Integrate with enterprise environments

    Connect Aerospike with popular open-source frameworks like Spark, Kafka, Presto, and more.

  • Flexible architecture

    Create web-scale applications on a robust and reliable real-time data platform in the language of your preference.

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Build your next data-intensive global-scale app with confidence in data consistency and scalability.

Enterprise Edition
  • Strong consistency

    Aerospike supports strong, immediate consistency to prevent conflicting writes and ensure that reads see the most recently committed data values.

  • Global replication

    Applications built for high availability require geographic replication, often to a datacenter in a different region or to a different cloud provider.

  • Elastic scalability

    As your use cases grow you can easily add more resources to grow as you need.

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