Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

Tom Meese
Tom Meese
Vice President, Cloud Services
May 7, 2020|4 min read

Realizing the Promise of the Cloud

The promise of the cloud is access to resources that enable agility in the face of a changing world. I can get the resources I need when I need them without massive upfront commitments. We also associate cloud environments with scale and high availability. Additionally, there is an expectation that fewer resources are required to manage solutions deployed in the cloud.

All of this comes at a cost, the tradeoff is for agility against optimized spend for any given workload. The costs are often higher as is the predictability of those costs. Line of Business Owners and IT organizations often express surprise when, at scale, the costs of cloud-based management ramp beyond expectations, and resource costs don’t scale gracefully exceeding budget expectations. At Aerospike, we think costs should scale linearly so that economies of scale accrue to the business as it grows.

As businesses work to deliver new digital products they need:

  1. A high-performance database that scales and offers high availability.

  2. To launch and manage the underlying resources quickly.

  3. The ability to scale resources and the database with the growth of their business.

Database Conundrums

The tradeoff between performance, scale, and availability has always been a primary challenge with database technology. Vendors have forced a choice of some but not all. We may not have liked this choice but had to live with it.

The Pace of Digital Business and the Pressure to Deliver

The speed of digital business drives the need for customers to speed up the launch of their solutions. It’s just a fact, we all feel like we are behind and need to find an accelerator. Tradeoffs are often made in the initial design in order to speed up development. Yet these compromises impose costly re-development cycles when those requirements change. The ability to quickly provision and deploy databases for new systems is key to the agility required in the new digital world.

The Aerospike Approach

Starting with the Database

The foundation begins with our low latency highly available and strongly consistent Aerospike Database. We are very fortunate to have an award-winning engineering team that has spent over 10 years building the next-generation distributed, NoSQL database for today’s real-time always-on business environment. The Aerospike Database scales to petabytes of data and provides consistent sub-millisecond access. The ability of the Aerospike solution to scale up as well as scale-out allows you to optimize between node size – massive racks of servers are a thing of the past, enabling the lowest Total Cost of Ownership available in the market.


That is our starting point for Managed Service. Building on top of this rock-solid foundation we are able to tackle requirements like high-availability, short time-to-market, and business agility.

1+1 > 2: Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

As organizations strive to move faster and take advantage of available technologies to optimize their digital business they outrun resources and the availability of skills within their organizations. They begin to focus more on their unique added value and look to outsource what they can.

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service includes a team of experienced operations professionals with direct access to our database engineering and support teams. We work in partnership with our customers to enable deployment within their own VPC on the public cloud of their choice.

Our managed service of the Aerospike Database provides you with the security of encrypted data both at rest and on the wire. We set up your database with a least privileged access model. All of this is provisioned within your own Virtual Private Cloud.

We have developed a set of onboarding methodologies and best practices in architecture, management practices, and security implementations that provide you with an optimal implementation and ongoing operational model.

Our day-1 governance model was designed from the ground up to align the security and operational controls that you depend upon to protect your data. We deliver 4-nines of service availability and continue to push our architectures and processes towards even higher availability numbers.

Aerospike enjoys a 3:1 Total Cost of Ownership ratio over any other open-source database. Against proprietary commercial offerings, the story is even better. With our product and operational expertise, we decrease your Total Cost of Ownership along two vectors.

The bottom line is that businesses who take advantage of the combination of Aerospike Database and Aerospike Cloud Managed Service gain a database with the features they need to compete and the operational capability to keep it running at maximum efficiency and reliability in today’s global always-on digital business world.

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