Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

Cloud Managed Service

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service ensures always-on, secure operation of Aerospike real-time data platform in your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Aerospike will deliver and maintain your real-time data platform

Leading businesses rely on the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service to act in real time, avoid risk, and accelerate time-to-value
Factor Eleven

Deliver competitive advantage with managed databases in the cloud

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service enables enterprises to focus on delivering new digital value to customers rather than managing databases and infrastructure. With our Cloud Managed Service, Aerospike takes the responsibility for delivering and maintaining an optimized deployment of the industry’s most resilient, low latency, high-scale real-time data platform, so you can focus on what’s most important.


Benefits of the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

Always-on architecture, secure, zero downtime operations

Faster time-to-value
Built on years of experience architecting and managing the Aerospike real-time data platform both on-premises and in the cloud
Focus on aligning your organizational resources with your goals, instead of using valuable resources and time to design and maintain your Aerospike deployment.
Enterprise-class features to provide security and operational controls to comply with your audit needs for authentication, authorization, auditing, and more.
Our flexible storage engine provides predictable performance up to petabyte scale whether via in-memory, hybrid, all-flash, or persistent memory - or any combination thereof.
Workload profiling to identify the correct capacity plan and optimized configuration templates to help customers budget appropriately and avoid unforeseen costs.

Key features and capabilities

The foundation of our powerful Cloud Managed Service begins with our low latency, highly available, and strongly consistent Aerospike real-time data platform.

Security by design

  • Zero-trust network security
  • Role-chaining cloud identity and access management
  • Database authentication and user management
  • Encryption in transit, at rest
  • Encryption keys
  • OS hardening

Always-on architecture and design

  • Multi-zone cluster architecture
  • Workload profiling for capacity planning
  • Data protection functions
  • Automated backup and restore plans

Zero downtime operations

  • Aerospike cloud operations center 24x7x365
  • Health and performance dashboards
  • Auditable governance
  • Change request through service desk
  • Repeatable and consistent operations

Enterprise ready deployment

  • ISO27001 certification
  • SOC 2 certification
  • Data compression
  • Strong consistency
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous data replication
  • Encryption at rest and in-motion


A managed cloud architecture for high availability and data security


diagram: Aerospike Cloud Managed Services - System Architecture


Get started using a cloud marketplace

Aerospike Cloud Managed Service is available through a private offer in the public cloud marketplaces


AWS Marketplace

Google Cloud Marketplace


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