Aerospike’s platform for real-time NoSQL databases

The real-time NoSQL, multi-model data platform

The Aerospike real-time NoSQL multi-model data platform has unlimited scale, predictable performance, industry-leading uptime, and the lowest TCO.

Announcing Aerospike 7: Delivers enterprise resiliency, scale, and speed to in-memory database workloads

Aerospike Real-time Data Platform diagram


The Aerospike real-time data platform

The Aerospike real-time data platform enables organizations to act in real-time across billions of transactions using massive parallelism and a unified storage model to ensure the smallest possible server footprint. It ingests and acts on streaming data at the edge and can combine edge data with data from systems of record, third party sources, data warehouses, or data lakes for operational, transactional, or analytical workloads – all in real-time.

Data Models in Aerospike Database 6

Multi-model, globally distributed database operations

The Aerospike Database can support simultaneous data models to simplify operations to suit multiple uses. Key value for fast lookups; document and object/JSON store for native data types; transactional and highly scalable graph data model for relationship traversals, and SQL access for querying.

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Real-time data services

The data services of the Aerospike real-time data platform are the internal processes of the Aerospike Database that enable globally distributed operations, enterprise-grade high availability, and sub-millisecond performance from gigabytes to petabytes.

High performance data storage engines

High-performance Storage Engines in Aerospike Database 6

Aerospike offers storage options, all on a unified storage format, for optimal density with high performance, starting with our patented Hybrid Memory Architecture (HMA). HMA stores indexes on DRAM and data on Flash. Aerospike HMA treats SSDs like DRAM, accessing them as raw devices at DRAM speeds with great parallelism. Our storage engine approach has been extended to and optimized for All-Flash and we offer an in-memory option as well. As a result, Aerospike enables enormous vertical scaleup at an 80% server or cloud instance reduction versus using pure RAM-based in-memory approaches. Plus, with the unified storage model, developers can readily select the storage model that fits their workload needs. Learn more.

Streaming data connectors

Query and search connectors

Aerospike Connect products include SQL and streaming data processing via Spark and Presto-Trino frameworks.

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