High availability and uptime

High availability and a demonstrated uptime of five-nines or more, made possible by a patented cluster management and intelligent client technology in addition to local/remote replication.

Aerospike provides high availability and a demonstrated uptime of five 9s, enabled by our unique cluster management and client technology, as well as local and remote replication.

Today’s consumers expect 24×7 availability. If you’re offline or closed during normal business hours, your brand suffers damage. A single day of slow user performance or an unfriendly user experience can turn off thousands of users. The cost of unavailability can be measured in millions, if not billions, of dollars.

Aerospike was built to enable maximum uptime and availability, and our system is highly resilient in the face of common failures, reliably storing data with automatic failover and providing replication at the server level. Various components of our technology enable this unparalleled uptime and availability, including dynamic cluster management, the Aerospike Smart Client™, and geographic replication.

Aerospike’s dynamic cluster management automatically detects nodes entering and leaving the cluster. As nodes are added or removed, data is automatically re-replicated, maintaining maximum availability in the case of failing hardware. Aerospike’s distributed algorithms evenly spread master and replica responsibilities, allowing your system to continue operation, even as hardware fluctuates. Unlike Aerospike, other database systems will typically have another node take all the load of the failed node, leading to a high chance of a thundering herd memory pressure failure—a symptom Aerospike avoids through its use of random replica distribution. With Aerospike, in the case of network partition, partitioned nodes continue operation—taking reads and writes—allowing servers to continue as best they can until the network fully connects all nodes.

As a cluster adapts to network and server hardware changes, the Aerospike Smart Client is continually monitoring the cluster and becomes aware of the most recent data location. You don’t need to manage the client connectors and restart or reconfigure them in the face of hardware changes. Working in concert with dynamic cluster management, requests are re-routed immediately, so you don’t have to restart or reconfigure the potentially thousands of client application servers attached to a high-performance cluster.

Any application built for high availability also requires geographic replication, often to a datacenter in a different region or to a different cloud provider. We provide built-in geographic replication and synchronization through our XDR (Cross Datacenter Replication) feature, which can also be configured in a local hot-standby mode for the most demanding of applications. Local and remote data applications are seamless with Aerospike, and our low TCO makes the cost of multiple copies across several regions affordable.

Beyond our self-managing, intelligent clusters and client, Aerospike enables software upgrades to be performed in a rolling fashion, and cross-version compatibility is always tested, removing the need for scheduled or unscheduled downtime.

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