Why Aerospike?

Predictable High Performance

Aerospike performs at a demonstrated per server transaction rate of at least 1M transactions per second (TPS). Beyond being highly performant, Aerospike is predictably performant, delivering high write throughput at low latencies, which enables enterprises to more easily build larger-scale applications at a lower cost.

High Availability & Uptime

Aerospike provides high availability and a demonstrated uptime of five 9s, enabled by unique cluster management and client technology, as well as local and remote replication.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Fueled by a hybrid memory architecture and dynamic cluster management, Aerospike provides improved performance at 20% the total cost of ownership (TCO) of first-generation NoSQL and relational databases.

Superior Scalability

Aerospike’s dynamic cluster management and unique in-memory technology enable our database to reliably handle millions of transactions per second, efficiently scaling to meet any data volume needs.