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Do more with your data with Aerospike query and search capabilities for real-time decisioning. Aerospike Database 7 significantly enhances querying via secondary indexes making them massively parallel with fine-grained control and support for SQL via Aerospike Connect for Spark and Connect for Presto-Trino. Aerospike Expressions can perform fast and efficient value-based searches.

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Powerful query performance powered by Aerospike Expressions and Indexes

Aerospike utilizes multiple technologies such as set indexes, secondary indexes and Aerospike Expressions to power query performance on data at the Edge, in a System of Record, and across data centers and clouds. These fast yet powerful queries can be utilized to analyze data to support real-time decisioning, multi-tenancy, shared services, and compliance needs with great control and precision. Additionally, given the Aerospike real-time data platform’s ability to scale from terabytes to petabytes of data with linear performance, these queries can be run efficiently on large data sets.

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Real-time decisioning at scale

Utilizes an efficient, real-time query system with secondary indexes optimized for DRAM, backed by highly efficient garbage collection.

Query data in-place

Queries can run on operational or System of Record databases; there is no need to move the data to separate reporting databases.

Lower server footprint

For users of Secondary Indexes, users can manage data across large-scale global data centers which otherwise might be cost prohibitive, especially as datasets grow.

Fine-grained control over distributed data

Powered by the Aerospike Cross Datacenter Replication (XDR) feature, control costs over needless data egress and storage.

Easy multi-tenancy for shared services

Allows applications to isolate their data access based on sets (Aerospike’s data construct analogous to an RDBMs table) and combined with rate limits for transactions, applications can also be guaranteed their quota of runtime resources.

Single database for Edge, System of Record, and reporting

Aerospike’s query capabilities extends the company’s real-time data platform functionality into your company’s reporting needs.

Make your data more accessible and valuable

Do more with your 10’s of terabytes to petabytes of data with Aerospike Expressions and query capabilities, set indexes, and secondary indexes.

Optimize queries utilizing Set Indexes

Avoid scanning an entire database for your queries with Aerospike Set Indexes making your queries highly targeted, fast, and efficient. Thus, queries utilizing set indexes can help analyze very sizable data sets in real-time with the Aerospike data platform. (In Aerospike a “set” is similar to an RDBMS table, and a “namespace” is analogous to an RDBMS database which can contain numerous or “n” number of sets.)

Optimize queries utilizing Set Indexes diagram

Fast queries with Secondary Indexes

Aerospike secondary indexes diagram

Secondary indexes allow users to model one-to-many relationships and can be specified down to the bin-by-bin level. (In Aerospike, a “bin” is analogous to an RDBMS column). Aerospike’s secondary indexes support large, mission critical data sets achieving fast query results and consume low server footprints due to their:

  • Efficient memory management.
  • Fast and efficient garbage collection system.


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Aerospike Expressions make your apps more powerful

Queries utilizing Expressions can perform fast and efficient value-based searches. Expressions is a domain-specific language for querying and manipulating record metadata and data.

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