Aerospike Database 5

The first NoSQL database to eliminate tradeoffs in consistency and scale for always-on globally distributed business transactions.

Act in real time across billions of transactions while reducing your server footprint


Enterprise performance at any scale

Aerospike customers experience significant performance gains at any scale along with a massive reduction in server footprint and operational costs.


Performance boost


The data processed

5 9s

% uptime


TCO reduction

The real-time data imperative for digital transformation

Today’s on-demand business processes must handle large volumes of data ingest at the edge and make real-time decisions. Traditional NoSQL systems lack data consistency, relational systems can’t reach internet scale and performance, and mainframes are too costly. Aerospike’s real-time data platform overcomes these challenges and is easily deployed in any public, private or multi-cloud architecture.

Choice for real-time active-active architectures

Aerospike provides options to effectively and efficiently manage geographically distributed data, whether stored in on-premises data centers, or in zones across multiple public clouds, or a combination of both. Aerospike supports two distinct active-active deployment models, multi-site clustering (MSC) and cross datacenter replication (XDR) for building a global data hub.

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The Aerospike difference delivered

The Aerospike Database delivers millisecond response times at scales from terabytes to petabytes for the strictest enterprise requirements.

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  • Unmatched uptime and reliability

    Aerospike provides high availability and a demonstrated uptime of five 9s, enabled by our unique cluster management and smart client technology, local and remote replication, global/multi-site clustering with strong consistency, and globally distributed transactions.
  • High performance at any scale

    Aerospike's unique, patented flexible storage engine and dynamic cluster management enable our database to reliably handle millions of transactions per second while efficiently scaling to petabye-range data volumes.
  • Reduces complexity and TCO

    Fueled by our patented Hybrid Memory ArchitectureTM, Aerospike provides unmatched performance at 20% the total cost of ownership of legacy NoSQL databases.

Key features of the Aerospike Database

Aerospike provides unmatched performance at any scale with the lowest TCO in the industry.

How it Works

Build more with Aerospike

Eliminate the trade-offs between consistency and performance at any scale while reducing operational costs.

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  • Powerful Data Model

    Break the RDBMS mold, exploit the benefits of a flexible data model that is much more than a key-value store.

  • Integrate with Enterprise Environments

    Connect Aerospike with popular open-source frameworks like Spark, Kafka, Presto, and more.

  • Flexible Architecture

    Create web-scale applications on a robust and reliable data platform in the language of your preference.

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Build your next data-intensive global-scale app with confidence in data consistency and scalability.

Enterprise Edition
  • Strong Consistency

    Aerospike supports strong, immediate consistency to prevent conflicting writes and ensure that reads see the most recently committed data values.

  • Global Replication

    Applications built for high availability require geographic replication, often to a datacenter in a different region or to a different cloud provider.

  • Elastic Scalability

    As your use cases grow you can easily add more resources to grow as you need.

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