Aerospike Summit 2022: On the road

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July 20, 2020|4 min read

Global road show edition

This year marked the fifth annual Aerospike Summit. As we navigate the balance of virtual and in-person events, we opted for a hybrid format for Summit 2022. We wanted to accommodate global audiences, but also enable our customers and prospects to network together in person – one of the most valuable experiences at the Aerospike Summit. We began with a full-day virtual summit before diving into regional road show events around six cities worldwide: Boston, New York City, London, San Francisco, Bangalore, and Tel Aviv, with the final event taking place last week.Our primary objective with these road shows was to bring our developer community together to share insights from real-world customer use cases and encourage open discussion around harnessing the capabilities of a real-time data platform in today’s world of on-demand and instant gratification. These in-person single-day events offered opportunities for our community to learn from one another, share best practices, and discuss critical challenges within their database infrastructure. Each road show featured compelling keynotes from customers and partners, in-depth technical sessions on Aerospike Database 6 from subject matter experts, a hands-on Scale Warriors workshop sponsored by AWS, and a networking reception.

Highlights around the world

Wayfair spoke to us about Maximizing Aerospike Administration in GCP, going into detail on how they’ve been using Aerospike for their low latency, high throughput services since 2018 and how their dataset has grown to 60 terabytes. In the session Caching Snowflake Data with Aerospike for Advanced Analytics, Fidelity touched on their need for a modern real-time data platform to be able to scale for real-time use cases such as personalization, portfolio risk /assessments, and data analytics. Ably presented on Mixing data streams at scale in Boston, New York City, and London, walking through their journey of designing a scaling consumer system to allow for customized user streams.In New York City, we heard how AcuityAds leverages Aerospike for Merging Modern High-Scale AdTech/MarTech at the Edge to take their customers on a targeted journey.

We also had a captivating chat with AWS on Architecting for Performance, Scalability and Real-time Data. In San Francisco, Schwab dove into their Journey with Aerospike: Architecture best practices, explaining how Aerospike has become a significant part of their platform. And Hoonartek in London gave us a great session on Omnichannel Customer Experience: Optimised in Real-Time for a Segment of One.

Our partners at Starburst spoke in both San Francisco and London with the session Bringing SQL to Aerospike and the Enterprise, giving us insight into how organizations access massive datasets today with SQL, along with the benefits of Aerospike SQL with Starburst.The Bangalore road show featured several engaging sessions – Bharti Airtel spoke to us about their various use cases and how the Airtel ecosystem utilizes Aerospike in Airtel and Aerospike accelerating the digital agenda.

Meanwhile Cash the Cache: How BigBasket uses Aerospike showed us how processing real-time data requests with Aerospike has improved their overall productivity. PhonePe gave a great presentation on Large-scale fault-tolerant on-prem deployments powering 100M+ transactions a day, explaining how Aerospike “just works!” Koo highlighted the demand for large-scale transactions on their platform and how Aerospike has helped grow their user count by Building a near real-time personalized feed using data streaming and Aerospike. There were many highlights from the Bangalore event – view the highlights.The final road show in Tel Aviv brought in a fascinating selection of customer stories from Playtika,, Syte, Nokia, Singular, and ironSource. Check out the videos on the Aerospike Israel YouTube channel.

Key findings

In discussing with our customers, partners, and prospects, we learned that we are all tightly connected by the fact that real-time data continues to grow rapidly, at an unprecedented pace. Every industry is facing the real-time data challenge – from small businesses to large enterprises, managing anywhere from gigabytes to terabytes of data. And the need to process all this data in real time and at scale has become more prevalent than ever. We are living in the “Right Now Economy,” which is fueled by the demand for immediacy. Organizations have just microseconds to deliver an exceptional customer experience or miss a valuable business opportunity.Our customers, partners, and prospects communicated to us that they need a database that can provide:

  • Low latency

  • Predictable performance

  • Unlimited scale

  • Five-nines uptime

  • Affordable cost

How you can benefit from the Aerospike Summit

Aerospike is helping some of the fastest growing companies around the globe to power their daily transactions by unleashing the power of real-time data to meet the demands of the Right Now Economy with our multi-model, NoSQL, real-time data platform. Watch the complete videos from Aerospike Summit 2022: Mission Now on our YouTube channel to hear the real-world use cases from our customers and partners, and stay tuned for next year’s summit!