Announcing Aerospike Connect for JMS

Ronen Botzer
Ronen Botzer
Director of Product
October 15, 2019|3 min read

Aerospike is pleased to announce the availability of Aerospike Connect for JMS (Java Message Service), the newest member of the growing Aerospike Connect product portfolio*.

Aerospike is a hyperscale, distributed NoSQL database that forms a core building block of any Enterprise Data Architecture. It is widely used for processing real-time decisions on the edge, and is now increasingly used as a petabyte-scale real-time system of record. However, as a database can be considered just a component of a data pipeline, it is important to support free data movement between Aerospike and other enterprise systems deployed by our customers.

Companies with a legacy data infrastructure need a solution that integrates with their existing systems in order to optimize their business. These enterprises typically depend on message queuing (MQ) software such as IBM MQ, Solace, Rabbit MQ and others. Most message-oriented middleware supports JMS.

In specific industries, such as Financial Services and Telco, there are still a large number of mainframes in place. As part of digital transformation initiatives, modern applications for these industries need to combine data access to mainframes, with low latency, front-end databases such as Aerospike. While the mainframe remains an integral part of the organization’s dataflow, it is widely accepted that offloading much of the work to faster, more scalable databases is essential to achieve higher transactional processing performance, while reducing the cost of operations. For these use cases, Aerospike Connect for JMS can facilitate the desired low latency data exchange between Aerospike and the mainframe.

The following is a diagram of an architecture utilizing Aerospike’s JMS connector:


Figure 1

Aerospike Connect for JMS makes it easy for enterprises to exchange data bi-directionally between the Aerospike database and enterprise transactional systems both at the edge and at the core. It supports inbound data from JMS message brokers, and outbound data by streaming changes in Aerospike to JMS queues using the Change Notification system.

The JMS connector provides the following functionality:

  • Support for inbound data from JMS message brokers

  • Support for outbound data by streaming changes in Aerospike to JMS queues using the Change Notification system.

  • The following JMS message brokers are supported by default:

    • IBM MQ

    • Solace

    • ActiveMQ Artemis

    • RabbitMQ

  • Support for JMS message headers and properties

  • Support for receiving different types of data on the JMS bus: TextMessage, BytesMessage, ObjectMessage, MapMessage.

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