Building real-time applications to utilize AWS Graviton

Matt Bushell
Matt Bushell
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
October 18, 2022|4 min read

Traditional data infrastructures just aren’t built to handle today’s real-time data demands. With the growth of real-time data surpassing every other category, application architects are looking into more efficient infrastructure and real-time data platforms on which to build new real-time applications.

At this year’s AWS re:Invent, where Aerospike is a platinum sponsor, Aerospike CEO Subbu Iyer will be speaking on “Building real-time applications to utilize AWS Graviton.” The session will also feature Kyle Bush from Fidelity Investments and Tal Gabay from They’ll be sharing their stories on designing real-time applications using Aerospike on AWS.

Aerospike for real-time applications

Subbu will cover the capabilities that every modern real-time data platform should have, including unlimited scale, low latency, and global resilient services. Aerospike is the multi-model, NoSQL real-time data platform for multi-cloud, large-scale JSON and SQL use cases. The Aerospike database provides predictable performance at any scale, from gigabytes to petabytes of data, and the Aerospike database has the lowest latency, with industry-leading uptime, requiring up to 80% less infrastructure.

The session will also dive into the topic of sustainability. Behrad Babaee, Solutions Architect at Aerospike, recently published a white paper on Minimizing CO2 Production from IT Systems. As the access to virtually unlimited resources has never been easier, scaling has become the solution to almost every performance-related requirement, with efficiency often being neglected. However, times are changing, and scaling resources without considering efficiency is ultimately not sustainable. The results of the white paper explain why running your real-time applications with Aerospike on AWS requires fewer resources and results in an overall lower carbon footprint, without compromising on scalability.

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Raj Pai, AWS VP of Product Management for EC2, will join the conversation with Subbu to discuss Aerospike on AWS and why it provides an ideal starting point to build next-generation real-time applications and services, along with how AWS and Aerospike work together to provide the best price performance and carbon footprint reduction possible.

Fidelity use case

During Aerospike’s Summit 2022 roadshow, Fidelity’s Kyle Bush explained how they use Aerospike on AWS to leverage advanced analytics, real-time decision support, and enable digital capabilities to integrate across the business. Kyle will join Subbu on stage to discuss how they use Aerospike in more detail.

As Fidelity looked to utilize critical data for real-time use cases such as personalization, portfolio risk assessments, or data analytics at scale, it became clear that their existing infrastructure could not handle these requirements for real-time applications. They needed to modernize their cloud technology stack with a real-time data platform.

Today, they use Aerospike to ingest near real-time data from customer interactions and transactions, so that Fidelity can run the data through their proprietary Enterprise Data Analytics Platform and score it against their AI/ML models. They also use Aerospike to then share that data at very low latency for different use cases through data APIs.


Figure 1. How Fidelity uses Aerospike

During the session, Kyle will cover the many reasons Fidelity chose Aerospike to serve as a cache on Snowflake.

Wix Use Case

Wix uses Aerospike for “Profile Service” or a real-time fact store – it leverages complex insights computed from live user behavior and business intelligence data to drive intelligence into dynamic, product-wide decisions. Tal Gabay, Data Infrastructure Team Lead at Wix, will talk about how they utilize Aerospike for real-time personalization use cases.

By replacing their real-time Redis cache layer as well as their HBase profile store with Aerospike, Wix was able to deliver complex insights 6x faster. With Aerospike, they now get response times of 2ms regardless of user, profile, or website and have consistent SLAs across their entire business up to 2ms – a significant improvement over their previous response times ranging from 13ms to over 2s.

Tal will cover how before Aerospike, they used HBase with Redis as a caching layer on top, and how their implementation of Aerospike on AWS proved superior.


Figure 1. Wix performance on Aerospike

Join us at re:Invent

Don’t miss out on this captivating session – join us on Tuesday Nov. 29 at 2pm to hear in-depth insights from each speaker and learn why Aerospike on AWS is a natural fit for real-time application design! To learn more about our AWS partnership and to book a meeting at re:Invent visit

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