Future-Proof with Aerospike Database 6

Subbu Iyer
Chief Executive Officer
April 27, 2022|2 min read

Today, we announced Aerospike 6.0 as the core engine of the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. This major release brings four things Aerospike is known for—predictable sub-millisecond performance, low latency, and unlimited scale, all at an affordable cost—to more data models across the enterprise.

This general availability release of Aerospike Database 6 makes us the first real-time data platform to deliver native support for JSON document models at predictable sub-millisecond performance from gigabyte to petabyte scale. We are now processing more complex SQL queries with massively parallel secondary indexes, supporting large document models at any scale, and can handle heavy writes and mixed workloads with our new Batch APIs.

The enhanced database also contains JSONPath query support, which adds the ability to store, search, query, and manage richer and more varied data from gigabyte to petabyte-scale. This means developers can now work in a more familiar environment and language.


Aerospike Database 6 allows us to better meet the demand for accurate processing of larger, more complex data sets generated by the explosive growth of data, connected devices, and an insatiable appetite for instant, accurate outcomes. Whether it is fraud detection, increasing shopping cart size, or providing online gamers a personalized experience as they compete globally, Aerospike meets the needs of The Right Now Economy™.

Leading digital disruptors worldwide rely on the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform as an essential component of their modern data stacks. Please join us at Summit 2022 Mission Now to learn how customers and partners deploy real-time, mission-critical applications on Aerospike today.