Partnering for success at AWS re:Invent 2022

Jeff Ballard
Director, Global Partners & Alliances Program
October 31, 2022|3 min read

Teamwork makes the dream work as the saying goes. And at AWS re:Invent next month, the teamwork that makes our customers’ dreams work will be on full display. As a Platinum sponsor of the show, we have an expo booth at the front of the Data and Analytics Neighborhood. Stop by to learn about new announcements and talk to members of our Solution Architect team.Our booth will also feature a dedicated partner station, shining a light on the Aerospike ecosystem. Highlighting partners implementing or building on the Aerospike real-time data platform, you’ll learn how Aerospike and its partner ecosystem are helping customers accelerate their digital transformation to create sustainable business value at scale.

Come visit us at the re:Invent Expo in booth #3835 and meet 6 members of the Aerospike Partner ecosystem, including:

Ably: A London-based company with an edge messaging platform designed with resilience at its heart and mathematically modeled to work regardless of the volume of messages, the number of connections opened, or the quality of the network. Ably and Aerospike together capture, transition, and process real-time data from millions of mobile, web, and IoT devices.

Aqfer: Headquartered in the U.S., Aqfer (pronounced “Akwifer”) has built a Marketing Data Platform on top of Aerospike. This application functions as an enormously scaleable, semi-permeable container, allowing marketing data to be collected, refined, and distributed to generate useful insights and drive effective marketing programs.

Intuita: As a systems integration partner, Intuita helps businesses implement enterprise-grade data infrastructures and world-class analytics at scale. They will be showcasing their “Safe gambling” application demo in the booth — showing how real-time data at scale can impact a very interesting and important use case.

MOLO17: This Italy-based partner, offers a broad range of services, solutions, and products to enable disruption-free digital transformation. MOLO17’s GlueSync offering enables real-time data replication between Aerospike and RDBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Db2, MySQL, etc. GlueSync can replicate entire datasets (snapshot) or changed data only (CDC) for optimal performance and no downtime for current applications.

Starburst: Focused on solving the pains of data access, Starburst unlocks the value of distributed data by making it fast and easy to access, no matter where it lives. We recently teamed with Starburst to deliver the Aerospike for SQL Powered by Starburst product. The combination of the Aerospike Database and the Starburst SQL engine offers a rapid and cost-effective way for SQL users to generate valuable insights in dashboards, ad-hoc queries, or Python applications.

StreamNative: Leveraging Apache Pulsar, StreamNative provides a cloud-native event streaming platform that enables enterprises to easily access data as real-time event streams. Aerospike and StreamNative together transform and scale the capabilities of the enterprise by creating real-time insights across the data lifecycle.

And don’t forget about the Aerospike AWS Partnership!

Aerospike is a global startup partner in the ISV Accelerate Program. Together Aerospike and AWS deliver industry-leading price performance at unlimited scale and help customers such as The Trade Desk, Dream11, Fidelity, WIX, and many more.To keep up with all our Aerospike re:Invent activities, visit

Not coming to re:Invent? You can still attend online. Register here to get your free pass to virtually attend live keynotes, leadership sessions, and our CEO Subbu Iyer’s on-demand breakout session.

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