key value NoSQL database

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What is a key value NoSQL database?

A key value NoSQL (standing for “non-SQL” or “Not only SQL” and pronounced “no sequel”) database used to describe a new generation of non-relational databases that use a key-value method to store data as a collection of key-value pairs in order to get fast lookup results on very large datasets. In this way, the key becomes the unique identifier. A key value NOSQL database is considered the simplest type of NoSQL databases.

A key value NoSQL database offers rapid data storage (writes) and information retrieval (reads) because of its simple data structure and lack of a predefined schema. It also has a high performance because of common use of integrated caching features that enables users to store and retrieve data very quickly. Because of its relative architectural simplicity, a key value NoSQL database can or scale out quickly in cloud environments without causing operational disruptions.