Vector Search

Build more accurate and affordable AI

Power GenAI apps with the only enterprise-grade vector solution that delivers consistent accuracy at scale.

Performance at scale

Engineered for high throughput and low latency to power large-scale AI applications


Incorporating real-time data and higher vector dimensionality generates better results

Smallest footprint

Architected to run on significantly less infrastructure, delivering the lowest costs and carbon emissions

Better AI accuracy

  • Avoid performance tradeoffs
    Other databases force data and dimensionality sacrifices, reducing accuracy.
  • Real-time updates
    Ingestion at scale prevents hierarchical navigable small world (HNSW) index from getting stale, ensuring search results with fresh context.
  • Hybrid search
    Combine your vector search with additional criteria – filtering, relationship examination, and more – powered by Aerospike’s multi-model architecture.
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Leading vector performance at scale

  • Manage very large data sets
    Proven to store and retrieve billions and trillions of records, with millisecond latency.
  • Parallel vector ingestion
    Fast, innovative approach to ingesting and updating complex HNSW index structures from tens of thousands of sources.
  • Real-time leadership
    Proven success in real-time environments like personalization and fraud detection that are driving vector search and further data explosion.

Efficiency for your budget and the planet

  • 80% fewer servers
    Aerospike’s leading cost performance means most customers run 80% fewer servers than with alternative approaches.
  • Flexible configurations
    Flexibility to control your costs, including through separation of compute and storage and working with large or small models.

Proven in the most demanding AI use cases

Vector capabilities open up a broad range of applications, particularly those reliant on similarity-based insights, empowering complex decisions across vast historical and real-time data.


Create unmatched customer experiences and recommendations at scale.

Fraud detection

Add similarity analysis on user session data to fraud models that demand millisecond decisions.

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG)

Easily incorporate your context into all your chatbot and generative AI projects.

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