Architecting your database for scale and success



Watch this webinar with Xenoss and Aerospike to learn how you can architect your database infrastructure to scale as your business grows.

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Presenter – Vova Kyrychenko, CTO at Xenoss, Session Host – Daniel Landsman, Global Director of Adtech Solution at Aerospike

About this talk
Startups and rapidly growing companies fail to consider the pace and cost of scaling their business. These companies have cost challenges when infrastructure costs outpace their profits as they scale. Setting up native cloud environments to build their MVPs and grow, something they are used to doing quickly and easily, ends up hurting them when their business proliferates. The issue is that you can’t choose the same approach when building high-load applications, whether it is ad tech, high tech, or gaming. These new, lucrative but data-intensive solutions require a different architectural approach and tech stack.

This webinar will cover several use cases from a MarTech/AdTech software development and consulting company, Xenoss, which specializes in big data, AI, and high-load problems. They will cover real-life examples of significant infrastructure cost reduction and talk about what things you need to consider – and when – to scale and grow your business to prepare for success.

About Xenoss
Xenoss is an NYC-based MarTech/AdTech software development and consulting company. They develop custom solutions from scratch for their clients, build development сenters, or assist clients’ tech teams with application modernization, solving AI/big data/high load problems, building particular modules, and performing system optimization. Xenoss clients are leading SaaS companies, aggressively growing startups, and world-known enterprises, including Activision Blizzard, Verve Group, Sizmek, Voodoo, Dataseat, Ad-Lib, Venatus, and others. The software they’ve delivered is the tech basis of multi-billion dollar businesses and is used by Nestlé, Adidas, Virgin, Uber, HSBC.