Aerospike Scale Warriors Meetup featuring Airtel



Presented by
Vibhu Gupta, Engineering Manager, Airtel; Srini Srinivasan, Founder & CTO and Kavindra Singh, Solutions Architect, Aerospike

About this talk
It is imperative for each organisation to know its customers well to provide the best possible experience. Airtel, as a telco, has its customer base spread across various lines of business, and it is important for them to have a single unified view of the customer across their demographic, service, sociographic, behavioural, and other profiles.

To serve a large customer base, Airtel needs systems which have very high throughput, strong data consistency constraints and are always available with active-active setups across geographical locations. Aerospike, with its various features of high-availability, concurrent writes, pagination, and many more helps Airtel build and maintain such systems.

Additionally, we will also demonstrate how a large-scale JSON data store can be built using Aerospike; we will describe the various options to model JSON document collections; we will use the API to build a demo document store, and exercise the CRUD functionality to retrieve, update, and delete documents using JSONPath syntax; we will show how to query a document collection using a filter and secondary indexes; we will also demo how Trino/Presto can be used for SQL access and federated queries; and we will briefly describe key capabilities of Aerospike you should know when building a fast large-scale document store.

Check out this session from our exclusive developer meetup and learn all about telco company Airtel‘s customer intelligence and experience at scale. You’ll also see how to build a large-scale JSON data store with our document API and other key Aerospike capabilities.