New Frontiers in SQL: Using real-time data and document databases in a Data Mesh



As organizations continue to emphasize digital transformation, we are seeing a new generation of data products that involve real-time data, SQL, and JSON document stores. In this webinar, featuring Forrester Research, learn how Aerospike and Starburst work together to deliver exceptional real-time data products.

Presented by
Adrian Estala, Field CDO @ Starburst, Ishaan Biswas, Dir. Product Mgmt @ Aerospike, Mike Gualtieri, VP @ Forrester Research

About this talk
ANSI SQL has remained stable and consistent for decades even as data types, use cases, and analytics approaches have evolved aggressively during the big data era. With the success of the Starburst platform, Trino, and the Data Mesh concept, SQL is once again at the frontier of a new generation of data products that align with an organization’s structure and priorities. These data products are powering digital transformation activities across all industries and often involve real-time data and JSON document data stores residing in the Aerospike real-time data platform.

This webinar will explore how an integrated Aerospike and Starburst environment delivers on the promise of Data Mesh and the data products it inspires. Among the topics covered are:

– An executive overview of Data Mesh
– Discussion of real-time data products
– Best practices and how to get started

This webinar will be presented by Adrian Estala, Field Chief Data Officer at Starburst, Ishaan Biswas, Director of Product Management at Aerospike, and guest speaker Mike Gualtieri, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.