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The battle for business is won or lost in microseconds. Right now, petabytes of data are streaming around the globe with the power to transform your business. More than ever, your business needs a data architecture that can thrive in the ‘right now’ economy.

Right now is the time for the real, real-time data platform from Aerospike.

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Financial Services Now

Data is the winning factor in global financial services. Real-time data, connected and streamed across exploding arrays of data sources and datasets. Data this massive, this dynamic is more than informational, it is transformational, and to harness its power you need a new generation real-time data partner. At Aerospike, this is what we do, and we do it, right now.

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Ad Tech Now

Right now technology means that ad tech platforms get 15% more bidding opportunities. Right now technology means having the speed and accuracy to deliver instant personalization at unlimited scale. Right now real-time data is fueling ad tech winners. This is Aerospike and this is what we deliver, right now.

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Telecom Now

Right now, Telecom must scale the network, deliver limitless applications and never drop a call. Right now, Telecom needs a real-time data platform at the edge to handle billions of transactions per second at sub-millisecond speed with 99.999% uptime. At Aerospike, this is what we do, right now.

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