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Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
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Top ad tech customers rely on Aerospike

The ad tech real-time data imperative

The race to compete for online ad bidding, placement and delivery is being waged on display, video, mobile and in-app. Both speed and accuracy are at a premium, lest your customer go to your competitor for better results. Plus, with online cookie technology on its way out, and regional regulations on their way in, ad tech players must now leverage multiple additional sources of data just to rebuild online profiles, globally, for precise marketing and targeting, while controlling for new compliance needs. In short, the ad tech industry’s insatiable appetite for more data, faster has only grown in recent years, with the need for a real-time data platform.


Benefits of Aerospike for your ad tech data

Fast look-up

Aerospike enables fast look-ups to enrich ad requests with information about the mobile consumer.

Rich user profiles

Aerospike stores rich user profiles to leverage and build context when serving ads with speed and low latency.

Enrich streaming data

Aerospike enables very fast look-ups for real-time bidding to enrich streaming data in the pipeline.

Data synchronization

Aerospike provides consistent data across geographically dispersed data centers so you can act in real time.

Reduce footprint, grow business

Customers typically reduce server footprint by 80% even as business and data grows.
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Ad tech high-level reference architecture: Demand side platform

This white paper provides a simplified reference architecture for demand side platform datastores for real-time bidding and campaign reporting using Aerospike as the datastore technology.

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