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Distributed personalization in edge computing environment

The results


annual growth


of data replicated across data centers


latency @95th percentile


transactions/second at edge
About the Company

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences

Adobe, a multinational computer software company known for their innovation and creative products, has expanded into digital marketing management software. The company has experienced an annual growth rate of 32% over the past decade and is valued above $200 billion. From experience creation to experience activation powered by Cloud Compute, Edge Compute, and AI/ML, Adobe Experience Platform is purpose built for the experience era.


Accomplishing real-time experiences

More than 10 years ago, Adobe began looking at what needed to be done to understand the unique needs and interests of each customer, and how Adobe could deliver the best experience to that customer based on the data Adobe collected.

  • Disconnected identities

    What does a customer look like from an enterprise perspective with different identities on web, mobile, in-store, and email.
  • Slow profile unification

    Data coming in from multiple sources is fragmented.
  • AI/ML operates in a silo

    Cannot operate if data isn't brought together at the scale and at the latency required.

Requirements met with Aerospike

Aerospike is a key component of Adobe’s edge computations story, which is becoming the backbone of the data storage replication and distribution for the entire edge computation for all Adobe infrastructure.

Key-value store

Using Aerospike database on the edges.

High performance

Low latency, high throughput while providing highly stable, predictable characteristics.


Replication ability across different edges.

Single system across use cases

Met performance characteristics with others coming from the programmatic stack – all the way to personalization and real-time segmentation.

Lower costs

Replaced multiple solutions across different use cases; no longer need to manage different, complex and costly infrastructures.

Increase efficiency

Because Aerospike operates as one system, it requires fewer people to operate and provisioning and deployment is simplified.

Solution areas


Benefits realized with Aerospike


Sub-millisecond response time in order to provide the best possible recommendations.

Data unification

Unified data across silos to develop in-depth customer profiles for engagement.

Real-time insights

Full historical and edge data to track changes in interest and ensure customer satisfaction with 2ms latency @95th percentile and 4-5million TPS at the edge.

Profile data at scale

20 terabytes of data on the edges with 10 petabytes of data in the Hub.

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