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Distributed, real-time personalization on the edge

About the company

Adobe elevates digital experiences

Adobe is a multinational computer software company known for their innovation and creative products, and offers digital marketing management software via Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Experience Cloud supercharges digital experiences with generative AI, real-time insights, and end-to-end digital marketing tools built on the only platform designed for personalization at scale. The company has experienced an annual growth rate of 32% over the past decade and is valued above $200 billion.


A common, unified platform for intelligent personalization

Adobe needed to unify technology from well over 10 acquisitions, all of whom brought their own technology, infrastructure, and requirements. Their original solution with Cassandra, HBase, and an in-memory PostgreSQL database was costly to maintain, siloed in functionality, and impossible to unify into a common platform.

For Adobe Experience Cloud to function as an intelligent digital marketing platform, Adobe needed a solution that could quickly combine vast amounts of profile data, run intelligent services, and deliver real-time targeting, segmentation, personalization, and more. It also had to have low latency and high throughput to ingest, process, and move vast amounts of user data. Providing personalized digital experiences where customers were located — the edge — was a must-have.

Common edge compute system

Reduce operational load while achieving high performance and versatility in multiple use cases.

Centralize disconnected information

Ingest, process, and combine vast amounts of fragmented data from many edge sources to deliver a 360 view of an enterprise customer.

Enrich experiences with AI/ML services

Low latency response times when combining profile and interface data with intelligence capabilities to build personalized experiences.

Aerospike: Adobe’s backbone for edge computation

With Aerospike, Adobe has a unified edge computing data platform that intelligently develops in-depth customer profiles and delivers personalized experiences with sub-millisecond response times. Aerospike handles several million requests every second, returns lookups within milliseconds, and is stable even in 95th percentile situations. As a key component of Adobe’s edge computations story, Aerospike is becoming the data storage replication and distribution backbone for all edge computation across Adobe’s infrastructure.

Single system

Real-time system of record and edge data store to process vast amounts of data, delivering on personalization and segmentation.

High performance

2ms latency at the 95th percentile and 5M transactions / sec high throughput while providing highly stable, predictable characteristics.

Zero downtime migration

Move off of original Cassandra, Hbase, and in-memory PostgreSQL with no downtime or SLA impact.

Lower costs by 3x

Replaces multiple solutions across different use cases and eliminates the need to manage different, complex and costly infrastructures.

3x Cost reduction, 50% smaller server footprint

Adobe was able to scale, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the developer experience, all while minimizing their storage footprint and costs.

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Real-time insights

Increased customer satisfaction and overall system throughput by 7x with 2ms latency @95th percentile and 4-5million TPS at the edge.

Data at petabyte scale

20 terabytes of data on the edges with 10 petabytes of data in the Hub across data centers.

3x cost reduction

Reduced costs by 3x and saved up to 50% on storage footprint

1 system to manage, provision, deploy

Unified infrastructure provides a common programmatic API for developers, a single system to manage, provision, and deploy.



Surpass limits with Aerospike