Aerospike on AWS

Deliver millions of real-time customer experiences a second at petabyte scale with the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform on AWS.

Learn how Aerospike and AWS have teamed up on ad tech.

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Move faster with Aerospike Database 5 on AWS

Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real-time and serve as their foundation for the future on AWS
DBS Bank
Factor Eleven
The Trade Desk

Aerospike on AWS

Aerospike is the industry’s leading real-time data platform that powers applications with predictable sub-millisecond performance from terabytes up to petabyte scale with five-nines uptime with globally distributed, strongly consistent data, even for tens of millions of users.

Applications built on the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform on AWS fight fraud, provide recommendations that dramatically increase shopping cart size, enable global digital payments, and deliver hyper-personalized user experiences to tens of millions of customers.


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  • Aerospike Quick Start for AWS

    Easily launch a complete Aerospike cluster and related infrastructure using best practices with our CloudFormation template.
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  • Aerospike on Amazon EC2

    Get started with the latest Aerospike Enterprise Database 5 AMI in the AWS Marketplace.
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  • Aerospike Kubernetes Operator

    Build with speed, deploy at scale, and automate operations without sacrificing stability on Amazon EKS.
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  • Aerospike Cloud Managed Service

    Focus on your development and deployment not on the infrastructure. Let Aerospike manage the always-on, zero downtime data platform.
    > ACMS for AWS

Get ahead with Aerospike on AWS

Partner with us to deliver real-time customer experiences on AWS—all while bolstering operational efficiency and developer productivity while taking advantage of cloud elasticity.

Lower cloud spend
Stop over-deploying in the cloud and instead use the hardware efficient Aerospike Hybrid Memory Architecture on AWS.
Aerospike on AWS delivers predictable performance upto petabyte scale with five nines uptime with always accurate, globally distributed, strongly consistent data.
Deploy the resources that you need when you need them without massive upfront commitments. Generate an environment with the predictable performance up to petabyte scale with four nines uptime which enables you to act in real-time across billions of transactions while reducing the number of your cloud instances.
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With Aerospike Connect integrate seamlessly with Amazon Web Services

Streaming applications can persist data to Aerospike as part of an Amazon data pipeline with Amazon MSK integrations, including Amazon KMS, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, and AWS Lambda. You can integrate with Amazon MSK via Aerospike Connect for Kafka.

Plus, you can turn your data into insights with Aerospike Connect for Spark on Amazon EMR.

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The Trade Desk
“Aerospike is by far the best for what we do... It makes a real big difference for our ability to execute when we’re trying to follow a customer along the customer journey and they’re transitioning between states. If you’re an extra 50 milliseconds behind, it can cost you putting the right message in front of them.”
Dave Pickles, Founder and CTO, The Trade Desk

Terabytes today. Petabytes tomorrow.

Benchmark Report: Running Operational Workloads with Aerospike at Petabyte Scale in the Cloud on 20 Nodes

Running operational workloads with Aerospike at petabyte scale in the cloud on 20 nodes

An Aerospike white paper developed in collaboration with Intel and Amazon Web Services.

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The best option on AWS for what you do

Aerospike provides you with multiple deployment options to fit your organization needs and expectations.


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