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Federal agencies

The real-time infrastructure challenge for federal agencies

Many of today’s federal IT infrastructures struggle to effectively manage today’s and tomorrow’s digital resources. Often, they are fractured by disparate technologies and architectures, proprietary systems and solutions, organizational silos, and geographical locations. Aerospike understands that federal agencies require a real-time data platform with predictable performance up to petabyte scale and within a minimal hardware footprint.

Federal government

Petabyte scale, real-time data platform for federal agencies

Aerospike offers federal agencies an advanced, distributed, real-time data platform — built upon our patented Hybrid Memory Architecture™ — to connect data instantly across an agency, regardless of where the data resides. Today, our products are trusted by some of the biggest names in banking and financial services, telecommunications, retail, advertising, and — more recently — the federal government to power their most data-intensive, real-time operations.


Benefits of Aerospike for your federal agency

With Aerospike, federal agencies have a reliable, secure, high-performing data platform that can accelerate IT modernization goals and bring enterprise data strategies to reality. This unique ability to pair extreme-scale data applications with consistently high performance and availability, robust security, and reduced server footprint enables us to support the most demanding, data-intensive government workloads.

AI and Machine Learning

Simplify the routing, processing and analysis of key data, enabling automatic delivery of insights from large volumes of rapidly changing data points and empowering more incisive decision making.

Personalized citizen services

Improve life of citizens with open data, government transparency and better policymaking.

Edge computing at scale

Overcome latency and bandwidth problems to deliver a better customer experience, even at petabyte scale.

Operational and financial compliance

Ensure fraud does not occur during customer interaction with real-time digital ID validation.

High performance computing

Deliver millions of IOPS with millisecond latency, and scale from terabytes to petabytes with five nines of reliability.

5G architecture

Sync edge datacenters via XDR, with models and decisioning onboard or at the edge.

Why federal agencies choose Aerospike

We believe it is not sufficient simply to run extreme-scale workloads — it must be done securely, on the smallest possible server footprint, and deliver predictable performance and unrivaled availability. We have invested heavily in our multi-patented, next-generation technologies that make this possible.

Extreme scale (petabytes of data, millions of transactions per second)

Sub-millisecond latency

99.999% availability

Robust enterprise security (data encryption in-motion/at rest, authentication, access control, more)

Easy portability for any type of deployment

Ubiquitous data layer across applications (for cross-enterprise, joint service, or interagency collaboration)

Customers typically reduce server footprint by 80% even as business and data grows

Open-source integrations


Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.

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