Make Aerospike’s Database the backbone of your IoT data ecosystem

Manage IoT data from systems in real-time.

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IoT ecosystems need a next-gen real-time data platform

Succeeding in the new Industry 4.0 world that optimizes IoT and edge devices means rethinking how you connect data throughout your entire IT infrastructure. With Aerospike, you’ll deliver IoT-driven analysis and insights at lightning speed to every key stakeholder to help you build a more intelligent real-time enterprise.

Your database should be the foundation of your IoT strategy. Aerospike’s real-time data platform has a flexible architecture that can be adapted to any edge network, helping you drive large scale IoT adoption, add new devices on the fly, and derive business benefits more quickly. Start from your systems of record and build IoT apps on top to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your IoT investment.

Great IoT starts with a great database

Aerospike makes it easy for you to optimize where your data is managed based on your unique requirements, whether it’s at the edge for initial data execution or a centralized location such as cloud or datacenter for secondary analysis. Push the intelligence derived from IoT data to wherever you need, moving data seamlessly and at extremely low latency across your enterprise.

AI and machine learning technologies help simplify the routing, processing and analysis of key data, enabling automatic delivery of insights from large volumes of rapidly changing data points and empowering more incisive decision making. Scale your IoT operations to process high volumes of requests simultaneously, performing analysis, shaping actions and response strategies, and reaching resolution in milliseconds.


Benefits of the Aerospike-powered IoT ecosystem

Make the most of your IoT data.

Lightning speed

Collect and instantly react to millions of daily interdependent processing events from dispersed IoT devices and applications.

Low latency

Lower the risk that data will be lost or corrupted as it’s transferred from IoT devices to processing centers.

Streamline data

Simplify how you collect, connect, deliver, analyze, and package data to improve your business results.


Remain constantly available with zero downtime to mitigate risk of business interruption, data loss, or inaccurate analysis.

Enhanced data flow

Continually track and manage the lineage and flow of critical IoT data.

Faster and more accurate analysis

Make data-driven decisions faster more confidently to drive operational excellence.

Internet of Things use cases

Uncover how the Aerospike real-time data platform can power IoT devices across industries.

Transportation & logistics

The faster you can process the status of every aspect of your transport and shipping assets, the faster you can identify and fix problems and keep your fleets delivering goods optimally.

Smart building

IoT-powered smart buildings enable energy efficiency, HVAC control, smart lighting, space optimization and security systems to lower costs and improve the daily building experience for occupants.
aircraft maintenancewhite aircraft maintenance

Aircraft maintenance

Connected IoT is helping to transform how airlines monitor and maintain aircraft components, systems and parts from tip to tail. Intelligent IoT streamlines maintenance and improves the customer experience with onboard aircraft sensors.

Oil & gas

Faster analysis of IoT sensors in the oil and gas lifecycle helps optimize production, improve transportation and storage, and reduce troubleshooting time from days to minutes.

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