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as_event.h File Reference
#include <aerospike/as_error.h>
#include <aerospike/as_queue.h>
#include <pthread.h>
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Data Structures

struct  as_event_loop
struct  as_policy_event


AS_EXTERN as_status as_create_event_loops (as_error *err, as_policy_event *policy, uint32_t capacity, as_event_loop **event_loops)
AS_EXTERN void as_event_close_loop (as_event_loop *event_loop)
AS_EXTERN bool as_event_close_loops (void)
AS_EXTERN as_event_loopas_event_create_loops (uint32_t capacity)
AS_EXTERN void as_event_destroy_loops (void)
AS_EXTERN as_event_loopas_event_loop_find (void *loop)
static as_event_loopas_event_loop_get ()
static as_event_loopas_event_loop_get_by_index (uint32_t index)
static int as_event_loop_get_process_size (as_event_loop *event_loop)
static uint32_t as_event_loop_get_queue_size (as_event_loop *event_loop)
AS_EXTERN as_event_loopas_event_set_external_loop (void *loop)
AS_EXTERN bool as_event_set_external_loop_capacity (uint32_t capacity)
static void as_policy_event_init (as_policy_event *policy)
AS_EXTERN as_status as_set_external_event_loop (as_error *err, as_policy_event *policy, void *loop, as_event_loop **event_loop)


AS_EXTERN as_event_loopas_event_loop_current
AS_EXTERN uint32_t as_event_loop_size
AS_EXTERN as_event_loopas_event_loops
AS_EXTERN bool as_event_single_thread

Function Documentation

AS_EXTERN void as_event_close_loop ( as_event_loop event_loop)

Close internal event loop and release internal/external event loop watchers. This optional method can be used instead of as_event_close_loops(). If used, must be called from event loop's thread.

Variable Documentation

AS_EXTERN as_event_loop* as_event_loop_current
AS_EXTERN uint32_t as_event_loop_size
AS_EXTERN as_event_loop* as_event_loops
AS_EXTERN bool as_event_single_thread