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as_policies Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Struct of all policy values and operation policies.

This is utilized by as_config to define default values for policies.

Definition at line 1437 of file as_policy.h.

#include "as_policy.h"

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Data Fields

as_policy_admin admin
as_policy_apply apply
as_policy_batch batch
as_policy_batch_apply batch_apply
as_policy_batch batch_parent_write
as_policy_batch_remove batch_remove
as_policy_batch_write batch_write
as_policy_info info
as_policy_operate operate
as_policy_query query
as_policy_read read
as_policy_remove remove
as_policy_scan scan
as_policy_write write

Related Symbols

(Note that these are not member symbols.)

void as_policies_destroy (as_policies *p)
as_policiesas_policies_init (as_policies *p)

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ as_policies_destroy()

void as_policies_destroy ( as_policies * p)

Destroy as_policies.

◆ as_policies_init()

as_policies * as_policies_init ( as_policies * p)

Initialize as_policies.

Field Documentation

◆ admin

as_policy_admin as_policies::admin

The default administration policy.

Definition at line 1507 of file as_policy.h.

◆ apply

as_policy_apply as_policies::apply

The default apply policy.

Definition at line 1462 of file as_policy.h.

◆ batch

as_policy_batch as_policies::batch

Default parent policy used in batch read commands.

Definition at line 1467 of file as_policy.h.

◆ batch_apply

as_policy_batch_apply as_policies::batch_apply

Default user defined function policy used in batch UDF apply commands.

Definition at line 1482 of file as_policy.h.

◆ batch_parent_write

as_policy_batch as_policies::batch_parent_write

Default parent policy used in batch write commands.

Definition at line 1472 of file as_policy.h.

◆ batch_remove

as_policy_batch_remove as_policies::batch_remove

Default delete policy used in batch remove commands.

Definition at line 1487 of file as_policy.h.

◆ batch_write

as_policy_batch_write as_policies::batch_write

Default write policy used in batch operate commands.

Definition at line 1477 of file as_policy.h.

◆ info

as_policy_info as_policies::info

The default info policy.

Definition at line 1502 of file as_policy.h.

◆ operate

as_policy_operate as_policies::operate

The default operate policy.

Definition at line 1452 of file as_policy.h.

◆ query

as_policy_query as_policies::query

The default query policy.

Definition at line 1497 of file as_policy.h.

◆ read

as_policy_read as_policies::read

The default read policy.

Definition at line 1442 of file as_policy.h.

◆ remove

as_policy_remove as_policies::remove

The default remove policy.

Definition at line 1457 of file as_policy.h.

◆ scan

as_policy_scan as_policies::scan

The default scan policy.

Definition at line 1492 of file as_policy.h.

◆ write

as_policy_write as_policies::write

The default write policy.

Definition at line 1447 of file as_policy.h.

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