Accelerating multi-cloud: Introducing Aerospike on Azure

Tom Meese
Tom Meese
Vice President, Cloud Services
March 16, 2023|3 min read

As more and more customers shift towards developing applications in the cloud, they continue to rely on Aerospike for its exceptional enterprise performance and flexibility. We’re thrilled to announce that Aerospike Cloud Managed Service (ACMS), our fully-managed service, is now available on Microsoft Azure. With this expansion, Aerospike Cloud can power real-time applications on all three major public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Aerospike serves some of the world’s largest organizations – demanding customers like Sony, Adobe, The Trade Desk, PayPal, and multiple top brokerage firms. These organizations demand high performance and scalability, which Aerospike provides.

Based on their extensive adoption of Microsoft services, specific cloud capabilities, and other competitive dynamics, many large enterprises choose Azure as their public cloud of choice. Azure has thus attracted workloads that include millions of transactions per second (TPS) and datasets that range in size from hundreds of terabytes to multiple petabytes. The Aerospike Database is uniquely capable of handling this scale, making Azure a natural fit for Aerospike Cloud.

Flexibility for Different Workloads

Customers have different needs when it comes to building their applications, such as choosing a public cloud, managing and configuring it themselves, or meeting their security and consistency requirements. Adding ACMS on Azure is a key piece of expanding this flexibility. Offering a managed service on all three leading public clouds provides portability and choice for different workloads, and Aerospike’s architecture helps them get the best utilization of cloud infrastructure.

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Managed Service for Unmatched Performance

Many enterprises embrace the cloud for application development so they can focus on their core mission and spend fewer resources managing third-party software and infrastructure. Aerospike supports multiple customer deployment patterns, but ACMS in particular delivers a fully-managed, enterprise-ready database with unmatched performance at scale.

Security and Cost Efficiency

To meet enterprise security requirements, ACMS was designed using a governance model with audit controls and data protections that include encryption at rest and on the wire. It is deployed with a least privileged access model and is provisioned within the customer’s own cloud account, project, or subscription in a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Virtual Network (VNET).

As with each Aerospike deployment method, Aerospike Cloud typically delivers leading performance at an 80% lower cost and server instance footprint than alternative approaches. With our Hybrid Memory Architecture (HMA), Aerospike provides sub-millisecond latency at high throughput with flash storage at a far lower cost than RAM-focused alternatives.


Aerospike Cloud Managed Service on Microsoft Azure offers customers a fully-managed, enterprise-ready database with unmatched performance at scale. With ACMS, customers can spend less time managing their database and more time focusing on their core business. Aerospike Cloud’s architecture helps customers get the best utilization of cloud infrastructure while providing flexibility and choice for different workloads. If you need a world-class database for your Azure applications, please contact us to try Aerospike Cloud today!

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