Aerospike Cloud: Now even easier to get started

The updated database configurations from Aerospike Cloud will boost your project's scalability and efficiency.

Eric Schreiner
Eric Schreiner
Director of Product, Cloud
April 16, 2024|2 min read

Aerospike Cloud, our database-as-a-service, brings the advantages of our industry-leading real-time database to a wider array of users and applications. Aerospike Cloud caters to a diverse audience, from teams within our existing customers exploring pre-production options to developers requiring high-performance databases capable of scaling with their growth ambitions. 

Today, we're thrilled to announce two new features that lower entry barriers and cater to evolving user needs. These additions include smaller, more flexible database configurations and a new hourly billing option.

Expanded database configurations

The scalability of Aerospike Cloud—from laptop to launch—has consistently been a highlight for our users. Building on this, we're introducing three new plans that begin at 200 GB and 12K TPS and are priced significantly lower than our previous entry-level offerings. With U.S. pricing as low as $1.20/hour, these options facilitate experimentation and ensure a small initial investment. 

Hourly pricing

Aerospike Cloud is also introducing hourly billing, which helps with cost management, offering a flexible path for organizations engaged in shorter or medium-term projects. This approach allows for swift deployment and evaluation of the database in a dynamic, real-world context.

This new billing option complements our existing free trial, providing an additional layer of flexibility for testing and assessment.

Configurations and pricing

Aerospike Cloud pricing table
A table with standard pricing details for a product called Aerospike Cloud

Get started

Embrace the power of Aerospike Cloud and leverage our new database configurations and flexible hourly billing to perfectly align with your project's scope and scale. Whether you're just starting out or scaling up, Aerospike Cloud is engineered to grow with you.

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