Google Cloud’s Z3 series: The new storage-optimized virtual machine family for your database

Google Cloud's Z3 series of storage-optimized virtual machines provide improved IOPS, upgraded resources, cost-efficiency, and high-performing solutions for real-time applications.

Ronen Botzer
Ronen Botzer
Director of Product
April 23, 2024|3 min read

Aerospike is committed to delivering superior cost performance and leveraging the best in hardware to achieve this goal. We are excited to further our partnership with Google Cloud and be one of the first databases to support and take advantage of the new Z3 machine series, Google’s first storage-optimized VM family. The Z3 series, which was just announced at Google Cloud Next ‘24, is an ideal match for Aerospike Database, enhancing our ability to offer high-performing, cost-efficient solutions to our customers.

The introduction of Z3 instances delivers several key improvements that enhance the real-time database experience for our customers on Google Cloud. Here are some of the enhancements that make Z3 such a significant step forward.

Enhanced density

The new Z3 machines offer up to 36TB of local SSD per machine, a dramatic increase compared to the 12TB limit of previous C3 machines and the 9TB limit of N2 machines. This significant increase in storage capacity allows for handling larger datasets on smaller clusters, reducing both costs and operational complexity. Aerospike users can now run their clusters with up to 70% fewer nodes than with prior Google Cloud instances, significantly easing management and cutting costs.

Improved IOPS for mixed workloads

Aerospike thrives in environments with mixed workloads that demand high performance. The Z3 instances boast nearly equal read and write IOPS, providing 6 million 100% random-read and write IOPS. This makes them ideal for high-throughput use cases. This level of performance is critical for real-time applications across various sectors that rely on Aerospike for consistently high performance, underlining the capability of these machines to handle high-demand workloads efficiently.

Upgraded networking, CPU, and memory resources

The Z3 series substantially upgrades networking, CPU, and memory. With networking bandwidth ranging from 50-200Gbps and options of 88 or 176 Intel Xeon Scalable (Sapphire Rapids) cores, these machines are equipped to handle extensive data demands. Memory configurations of 704GB or 1408GB offer further scalability. Additionally, Z3 machines deliver up to 3x disk throughput over prior-generation instances and up to 35% lower disk latency, ensuring faster and more reliable data processing.

As part of the recent rollout at Google Cloud Next '24, the new Z3 machine series was highlighted for its ability to handle storage-dense workloads that require consistent performance and predictable maintenance. These machines, with their advanced technology stack, including the 4th Gen Intel Xeon scalable processors and next-generation Local SSD, are ideal for Aerospike users looking to optimize their data operations in terms of performance and cost.

Start optimizing with Z3

We suggest that Aerospike Database users who are deployed on Google Cloud investigate optimizing their workloads on the Z3 series. The reliable, high-performance characteristics and the much-improved ability to handle mixed workloads all make the Z3 machines a great fit for Aerospike deployments.

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