Cost Efficiency

Maximize database cost efficiency

Don’t hesitate to demand more — for less. Aerospike redefines database value with a highly efficient architecture, leveraging advances in modern hardware for maximum data density and I/O with the smallest footprint.

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$3.3 million savings

LexisNexis boosted their capabilities, cutting latency from 120ms to 30ms while scaling data volumes 2.5x to 1.3 PB, saving $3.3M over 3 years.

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6x server cuts, 4x performance gain

Global gaming giant Playtika was able to cut its server footprint by 6x and boost performance by 300% — resulting in over $1M savings annually.

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$11 million savings

The Trade Desk reduced its server count by 9x, handling around 10M queries per second, while spending $11M less than a Cassandra-based approach.



Cut database costs by 80%


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85% fewer nodes with Aerospike

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87% fewer nodes with Aerospike

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87% fewer nodes with Aerospike



How customers lower all-around database costs

Server reduction and software licensing

Our Hybrid Memory Architecture (HMA), along with other features, significantly reduces the need for server nodes, fully utilizing modern SSDs, allowing for lower replication factor requirements, and contributing to drastic infrastructure cost reductions.

Streamlined staffing and operations

The intuitive system requires far fewer administrators and management overhead than alternative approaches, reducing expenses and complexity.

Reliability and the performance edge

Businesses can rely on maximum uptime and predictable performance to keep innovating and stay competitive, which is critical when mere seconds of downtime can impact revenue

Infrastructure efficiency

Performance keeps rising without proportional increases in cost thanks to the deep exploitation of modern hardware — including multi-core processors with NUMA, NVMe Flash drives, and network application device queues (ADQ).

Achieving sustainability goals

Built for efficiency from the start, the Aerospike database enables organizations to vastly reduce their server – and carbon – footprint.

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Handle massive volumes of data with minimal hardware resources minimizing the need for costly hardware upgrades or expansions as your data grows.

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