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About the Company

Sony Interactive Entertainment is the world's second leading seller of gaming consoles in history

Sony Interactive Entertainment is a multinational video game and digital entertainment company wholly owned by Sony Group Corporation with headquarters in the U.S. and Japan. The company has sold over 545 million Playstation consoles globally.


Delivering personalized customer experiences

Sony aimed to build aggregated, curated data sets and have greater resiliency, consistency and scalability to deliver personalized customer experiences at a reasonable TCO.

  • Scalability

    Delivering personalization at the necessary scale: hundreds of microservices delivering millions of requests per second, more than 100 billion events per day and many database clusters in multiple regions.
  • Aggregate data

    Every team at Playstation had data available in different formats.
  • Backend database store

    Needed to handle hundreds of millions of users and several terabytes of data.

Requirements met with Aerospike

Lightweight machine learning platform

Allowed machine learning engineers to create, deploy and run their models, as well as manage workflows for these models.

8 million TPS

Enable more than eight million executions per second across database environments, which includes RDBMS and NoSQL systems.

Automatic charting

Makes sharding operationally less painful.


Small cluster able to handle several terabytes of data.

Low latency

Under 10 milliseconds.

Slash data load times

While providing reliable access to fresh data; 12x reduction in re-indexing time.

Solution areas


Benefits realized with Aerospike


Rapid customer identification and authentication with their behaviors and preferences, then customize the user experience in a high-performance environment.

Fraud prevention

Avoid fraudulent transactions across platforms and during surges in real time.

Avoid fraudulent transactions across platforms and during surges in real time

Subsidize play-for-free games with in-app advertisements before transforming to pay-to-play.

Social feeds

Communicating in-game via chat, messaging and voice. Find friends in-game or via connected social applications. Follows, comments, ratings.

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