Customer 360

Improve customer personalization with real-time data and AI

Enhance user experiences with AI-driven insights, ensuring swift, tailored interactions and boosted engagement.

Real-time personalization

Ultra-low latency and high throughput support instant personalization, processing vast volumes at internet scale to dynamically tailor customer experiences.

Seamless data scalability

Efficiently scales to accommodate growing data volumes for personalization without sacrificing performance, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted customer engagement.

Multi-model capabilities for AI-driven engagement

Flexible, multi-model approach includes Graph for swift connection identification and Vector for rapid similarity detection, enabling AI-driven user engagement optimizations.

Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
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Results with Aerospike


cart transaction size increases


TCO cost reduction


conversion rate improvement


data queries per second

Customers might buy more, or they might churn at a moment’s notice

While there are more customer touchpoints than ever before, there are also more choices for them. That’s why organizations need to delight each customer intelligently and contextually to get increase their loyalty and buy more with you, lest they churn and become your competitor’s new customer. The challenge is you need to integrate data silos from different data sources, both at the edge and from existing systems of record in real-time. This is not typically not easy – nor is analyzing it in real time at the edge to formulate targeted offers and recommendations.


Benefits of Aerospike for your customer 360 solution

The Aerospike real-time data platform allows organizations to seamlessly use big data customer profile data and historical data with AI/ML at scale to predict customer needs, behaviors and to provide real time personalized relevant offers. Aerospike can power all your customer real-time touchpoints with real-time offers at the right time so you can increase revenue and stimulate new customer growth.

Deliver immersive, personalized experiences to tens-of-millions of users globally.

Prevent customers from churning and execute special offers instead.

Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities as users interact with your platform.

Develop an easily accessible, current, fast and complete data store that systems of activation can query.

Lower abandonment rates while increasing add-ons.

Conduct targeted omni-channel marketing campaigns based on user behavior.


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