The Aerospike Connect product line integrates Aerospike Database 5 with popular open-source frameworks, including Spark, Kafka, Pulsar, JMS, Presto, and Event Stream Processing. It enables the design and development of new generations of data-intensive applications utilizing the speed and scale of Aerospike Database 5’s massively parallel engine.

diagram: Aerospike Connect Product Line


Aerospike Connect for Spark

Aerospike Connect for Spark supports streaming APIs that leverage Structured Spark Streaming. This provides very low latency for both reads and writes enabling AI/ML use cases to run against data stored in Aerospike while simultaneously ingesting new data at high rates. These use cases include fraud detection, 360-degree customer profiles, IIOT predictive maintenance, and systems of engagement. Aerospike Connect for Spark utilizes the scan-by-partition capability in Aerospike Database 5 to allow massive parallelization when processing data with Spark.

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Aerospike Connect for Kafka

Aerospike Connect for Kafka leverages the new optimized XDR in Aerospike Database 5 for higher performance at scale in enterprise Kafka-based streaming pipelines. Kafka provides a data bus that allows applications to publish and subscribe data through named topics. This integration enables Aerospike Database 5 to pull data from Kafka and to submit Aerospike change notifications via the optimized Database 5 protocol to Kafka. Other enterprise applications and data stores can subscribe and publish to Aerospike Database clusters.

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Aerospike Connect for JMS

Aerospike Connect for JMS enables enterprises to use enterprise message queues to stream data at high rates into and out of Aerospike Database 5. JMS is often a preferred option when integrating and synchronizing with mainframe applications in digital modernization projects.

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Aerospike Connect for Pulsar

Aerospike Connect for Pulsar offers an outbound connector to ship change notifications from Aerospike 5 via the optimized Database 5 protocol to a Pulsar consumer for streaming pipelines for log analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), and other applications.

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Aerospike Connect for Presto

Aerospike Connect for Presto enables business and data analysts to use ANSI SQL, which they are very comfortable with, to query data stored in Aerospike via Presto. Presto is a highly parallel and distributed SQL query engine. Further, it is multi-tenant and capable of concurrently running hundreds of memory, I/O, and CPU-intensive queries, and scaling to thousands of workers.

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Aerospike Connect for Event Stream Processing

Aerospike Connect for Event Stream Processing integrates Aerospike Database 5 with HTTP-based systems whether in the cloud or on-premises to enable innovative data streaming use cases.

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Easy integration with enterprise environments

  • Connect your existing enterprise back office systems (e.g. Mainframes) to leverage Aerospike DB’s capabilities without writing any custom code
  • Create highly performant event-driven and microservices architectures that use Aerospike DB

High Performance

  • Significantly reduce the execution time of Spark jobs by combining massively parallel computations in Spark with the massively parallel reads from Aerospike
  • Create a high throughput and low latency streaming pipeline using Aerospike and Kafka, Pulsar, or JMS

Lower TCO

  • Combine the cost efficiencies of Aerospike and the Open Source data fabric projects by using the Aerospike Connect product line
  • Use Spark via the Spark Connector to analyze 100’s of terabytes of data from Aerospike without making additional copies to other analytics systems

Reduced Complexity

  • Create scalable big data applications, including AI/ML, with familiar Spark APIs and Aerospike Connect for Spark to quickly progress from POC to production

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