Enterprise full-text search connector for real-time data

Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch is a search connector that delivers best-of-breed full-text search to Aerospike Database 7


Build search applications for your most valuable data


Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch enables enterprise full-text search use cases for data in the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. It enables users to easily and seamlessly integrate Elasticsearch – the most powerful open-source search engine – with Aerospike’s high-performance, scalable NoSQL database.

Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch logical flow diagram

The search connector enables developers to create search applications on data in Aerospike, making it easier and faster to analyze and gain insights from their real-time data.


Why Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch

Organizations put their most valuable data in Aerospike systems, now they can apply state of the art search on that data with our search connector.

  • Enterprise full-text search

    Powers enterprise-scale full-text search for e-commerce, user/customer behavior, observability, log analytics
  • A complete data platform

    Aerospike’s search connector for Elasticsearch completes Aerospike’s query and search services for enterprise developers
  • Efficiency at scale

    Aerospike intelligently and efficiently populates data in Elasticsearch clusters to minimize data movement
  • Scale search and database independently

    Execute meaningful text search applications without impacting Aerospike performance, scale, and throughput

Key features of Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch

Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch uses Aerospike XDR and Change Notifications – Aerospike’s Change Data Capture facility- to asynchronously replicate data from Aerospike into Elasticsearch clusters.

Use Cases

Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch powers use cases across architectures

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