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Improve customer experience and prevent fraud with a modern, real-time data platform

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Retail and E-commerce Solution Brief
Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
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The real-time data imperative for e-commerce and retail

To create a truly friction-free digital, omnichannel commerce shopping experience, wouldn’t having the ability to deliver the right offer, price or purchase approval in the fastest time possible be ideal? Given low online switching costs and fickle online behavior, providers must offer a great experience to attract and keep customers. These decisions need to happen in milliseconds, supporting diverse applications while processing all the appropriate data available from customers, warehouse, in-store, and supply chain.


Benefits of Aerospike for your e-commerce and retail data

Offer a real-time omni-channel shopping experience to your customers.

Better customer experience
Create a better customer experience and prevent churn with faster mobile and web responsiveness, faster catalog search, account inquiries, and chat via our real-time data platform.
Increase top-line revenue for your recommendation engines via hyper-personalizational, dynamic pricing, fraud prevention digital payment technologies with a real-time database that is faster and more powerful.
Improve your operations by streamlining your database infrastructure, consolidating database caching layers, avoiding the need for “red” and “green” pricing databases, and reducing your database server footprint up to 80 percent, even as business and data grows.
Customer shopping experience
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