Comprehensive Aerospike Observability

Aerospike Database visualization has never been this simple. Use Prometheus and Grafana to create a powerful visualization and alerting system to monitor your Aerospike cluster.

The new Aerospike Monitoring Stack includes the Aerospike Prometheus Exporter, recommended configuration files, alerting for KMIs (Key Monitoring Indicators), and predefined dashboards to obtain appropriate data operations insights.

The Aerospike Prometheus Exporter is at the center of the new Aerospike Monitoring Stack, making exporting metrics to these popular tools easy and efficient.


The Aerospike Database includes instrumentation that provides instantaneous and cumulative metrics for the cluster covering server health, database performance, and related alerts. Integrating the Aerospike Prometheus Exporter with the popular open-source monitoring system is efficient and straightforward. You can use Prometheus’ flexible query language to extract valuable insights about your system, or just rely on the pre-defined Grafana dashboards.


Integrate easily with one of the most popular tools of the modern enterprise. Aerospike provides multiple dashboards to visualize the most relevant information about the cluster, individual nodes, latency, XDR, namespace, and alerts; or customize them using PromQL to fit your specific requirements.


Use the power of Prometheus Alertmanager to handle notifications through commonly used tools like email, Slack, or PagerDuty, amplifying the visibility and analysis of the events affecting your cluster.

The Aerospike Monitoring Stack

Aerospike Monitoring Stack diagram

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