Grow and accelerate gaming apps with a modern real-time data platform

New rules, new games, and higher stakes are placing premiums on predictable performance up to petabyte scale with five-nines uptime.

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Leading businesses rely on Aerospike to act in real time and serve as their foundation for the future.
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Online gaming

The real-time data imperative for online gaming and gambling

New rules, new games, and higher stakes are altering technology priorities, with more emphasis than ever on scalable performance, flexibility, and reliability. Users can navigate to or download your competitors’ apps in seconds. Transform your online gaming and gambling apps with the Aerospike real-time data platform to gain a competitive advantage.


Why online gaming and sports customers choose Aerospike

Store, manage and retrieve petabytes of player profile information, game performance data, statistics and rankings and session data for millions of users.
Respond in real time for great customer experience to avoid brand damage, customer abandonment, missed bets, lost game state or lost revenue opportunities.
Introduce new revenue-generating games and features. Update machine learning and rules engines for fraud prevention, recommendation engines and regulatory compliance.
365/24/7 availability regardless of demand spikes or force majeures. Sufficient capacity with failover and redundancy across clusters and data centers to keep the user experience intact.
Distributed database systems running on low-cost, commodity servers while avoiding hardware sprawl and high maintenance for upkeep. Customers typically reduce server footprint by 80 percent.
Use Cases

Transform your online gaming and gambling apps with the Aerospike real-time data platform

Fraud prevention

Avoid fraudulent transactions across platforms and during surges in real-time.
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In-app advertising

Subsidize play-for-free games with in-app advertisements before transforming to pay-to-play.

Social feeds

Communicating in-game via chat, messaging and voice. Find friends in-game or via connected social applications. Follows, comments, ratings


Rapid customer identification and authentication with their behaviors and preferences, then customize the user experience in a high-performance environment.

Real-time event tracking

Track trends for leaderboards, bets, scores, updates, points and notifications as they happen.

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