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Record UDF Examples

Several Record UDF examples have been created to demonstrate various characteristics of Aerospike User-Defined Functions.

See the general comments on Record UDFs.

The Record UDF Examples

  1. Simple Annotated Record UDF - This annotated UDF shows the common components of an average UDF. Although the "function" of this UDF is not particularly exciting or complex, it should serve as a good example. It should be be relatively easy to take this starting example and modify it to suit your needs for a beginning UDF.

  2. Statistics Example - Perform some statistical operations on the record and then keep the accumulated results in the record. Validate the operations so that everything remains consistent.

  3. Background UDF Example - Uses a background UDF to identify records that fit a certain criteria, and reset their TTL.

  4. Protobuf Module Example - makes use of an external Protobuf Lua module, which in turns calls a Protobuf C shared object.