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Lua UDF – API Reference

API Reference for Aerospike extensions to Lua, including functions, modules and types.


Aerospike provides a variety of Lua types which coincide with the types supported by the database.

  • bytes - The bytes type provides the ability to build a byte array using bytes and integers. This type coincides with BLOB type in the database.
  • list - A list is data structure that represents a sequence of values.
  • map — A collection of (key, value) pairs, in which a key can only appear once in the collection.
  • record — Represents database records, including bins – (name, value) pairs – and metadata.
  • stream - Represents streams of records.


The following are modules which provide added functionality.

  • aerospike — The aerospike object is a global object that exposes database operations.
  • logging — Logging functions that send log messages to the Aerospike Server's logs.