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Version: 2.2.0

Upgrade operator 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 using Helm


  • Helm 3.x

Upgrade CRD

Helm 3.x does not support the upgrade of CRDs. Therefore, CRD has to be upgraded by user manually.

Replace the old crd with new crd


Do not remove the old crd as it deletes all the clusters. Do not use kubectl replace with --force flag as that also deletes all the Aerospike clusters.

kubectl replace -f

Get the helm chart

To get the Helm chart, clone the aerospike/aerospike-kubernetes-operator repository.

git clone
git checkout 2.2.0

The charts are in the aerospike-kubernetes-operator/helm-charts folder.

cd aerospike-kubernetes-operator/helm-charts

Upgrade Operator

Run the following command

helm upgrade aerospike-kubernetes-operator ./aerospike-kubernetes-operator

Check Operator Logs

The Operator runs as two replicas by default, for higher availability. Run the following command to follow the logs for the Operator pods:

kubectl -n openshift-operators logs -f deployment/aerospike-kubernetes-operator manager

Sample output:

2022-06-16T19:09:58.058Z    INFO    controller-runtime.metrics  metrics server is starting to listen    {"addr": ""}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.062Z INFO setup Init aerospike-server config schemas

2022-06-16T19:09:58.071Z DEBUG schema-map Config schema added {"version": "4.7.0"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.072Z INFO aerospikecluster-resource Registering mutating webhook to the webhook server
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.webhook registering webhook {"path": "/mutate-asdb-aerospike-com-v1beta1-aerospikecluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.builder skip registering a mutating webhook, admission.Defaulter interface is not implemented {"GVK": ", Kind=AerospikeCluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.builder Registering a validating webhook {"GVK": ", Kind=AerospikeCluster", "path": "/validate-asdb-aerospike-com-v1beta1-aerospikecluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.webhook registering webhook {"path": "/validate-asdb-aerospike-com-v1beta1-aerospikecluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.074Z INFO setup Starting manager
I1015 19:09:58.074722 1 leaderelection.go:243] attempting to acquire leader lease aerospike/