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Version: Operator 2.2.1

Delete Aerospike Cluster

Be cautious when deleting clusters. Deleting a cluster causes a complete shutdown which may not be recoverable. Any data stored on the cluster is lost.

You can delete a cluster by using the cluster's CR file, with kubectl delete, or through your provider's control panel if you use a service like GKE or AWS.


If you have chosen to delete the Kubernetes cluster instead of the Aerospike cluster, and you are using a cloud provider like AWS, you must delete persistent storage volumes as a separate step.

Persistent storage volumes are not automatically deleted when you delete the Kubernetes cluster. This protects your persistent storage data.

However, your cloud provider will continue to charge you for these storage volumes.

If you are using a local solution like Minikube, you can delete the cluster with minikube delete or kubectl delete.

Use kubectl delete to delete the cluster using its CR file. Specify the path to the cluster's CR file. For example:

kubectl delete -f aerospike-cluster.yaml