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Version: Operator 2.2.1

Upgrade operator 2.2.0 to 2.2.1 using Helm


  • Helm 3.x

Upgrade CRD

Helm 3.x does not support the upgrade of CRDs. You will need to manually upgrade CRD.

Replace the old CRD with the new CRD:


Do not remove the old CRD. This deletes all the Aerospike clusters. Do not use kubectl replace with the --force flag as this also deletes all the Aerospike clusters.

kubectl replace -f

Get the helm chart

To get the Helm chart, clone the aerospike/aerospike-kubernetes-operator repository.

git clone
git checkout 2.2.1

The charts are in the aerospike-kubernetes-operator/helm-charts folder.

cd aerospike-kubernetes-operator/helm-charts

Upgrade Operator

Run the following command:

helm upgrade aerospike-kubernetes-operator ./aerospike-kubernetes-operator

Check Operator Logs

The Operator runs as two replicas by default, for higher availability. Run the following command to follow the logs for the Operator pods.

kubectl -n openshift-operators logs -f deployment/aerospike-kubernetes-operator manager


2022-06-16T19:09:58.058Z    INFO    controller-runtime.metrics  metrics server is starting to listen    {"addr": ""}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.062Z INFO setup Init aerospike-server config schemas

2022-06-16T19:09:58.071Z DEBUG schema-map Config schema added {"version": "4.7.0"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.072Z INFO aerospikecluster-resource Registering mutating webhook to the webhook server
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.webhook registering webhook {"path": "/mutate-asdb-aerospike-com-v1beta1-aerospikecluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.builder skip registering a mutating webhook, admission.Defaulter interface is not implemented {"GVK": ", Kind=AerospikeCluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.builder Registering a validating webhook {"GVK": ", Kind=AerospikeCluster", "path": "/validate-asdb-aerospike-com-v1beta1-aerospikecluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.073Z INFO controller-runtime.webhook registering webhook {"path": "/validate-asdb-aerospike-com-v1beta1-aerospikecluster"}
2022-06-16T19:09:58.074Z INFO setup Starting manager
I1015 19:09:58.074722 1 leaderelection.go:243] attempting to acquire leader lease aerospike/