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The producer-props section of aerospike-kafka-outbound.yml

The producer-props section of the /etc/aerospike-kafka-outbound/aerospike-kafka-outbound.yml lets you specify a map of the Kafka producer properties. You can specify all of the properties in ProducerConfig in your map. When the Kafka producer runs, it is initialized with these properties.


Key and value serializer properties specified in the config are ignored and are always overwritten with a BytesSerializer.


Here is a sample map:

acks: all
retries: 0

Here is a sample map that shows a configuration for Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL), which Apache Kafka supports:

- kafkabroker-usw2-1:9092
- kafkabroker-use2-1:9092
ssl.truststore.location: /var/ssl/private/client.truststore.jks
security.protocol: SASL_SSL
sasl.mechanism: SCRAM-SHA-256
sasl.jaas.config: required username="kafkaclient" password="kafkaclient-secret";

Kafka uses the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) for SASL configuration. You must provide JAAS configuration properties for any SASL authentication mechanisms that your Apache Kafka cluster uses. For more information about SASL and its use by Apache Kafka, see Authentication with SASL using JAAS in the Apache Kafka documentation.