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Dynamically Decreasing the Number of Source Connector Instances

You can dynamically remove connector instances from the change-notification system. You remove connector instances that you dynamically added with the asinfo command by running this command again, but with action set to remove.

If you need to find out which connector instances are active, run the asadm command info xdr for <dc>, where <dc> is the name of the name of the XDR datacenter to which the nodes running the source connector instances belong. The command lists these nodes.


To have your Aerospike cluster stop sending change-notifications to a source connector instance, run this command, where <dc> is the name of the XDR datacenter in which the node running the source connector instance is located, and <IP-address> is the IP address of the node:

asinfo -v "set-config:context=xdr;dc=<dc>;node-address-port=<IP-address>;action=remove"


If the node was added to its XDR datacenter dynamically with the asinfo -v "set-config:context=xdr;dc=<dc>;node-address-port=<IP-address>;action=add" command, the node is removed from memory after you run the command.

If the node is listed in the xdr stanza of the Aerospike configuration file, the node is still listed there after you run the command. However, the Aerospike cluster no longer sends change-notifications to it until the cluster is restarted. The source connector instance continues to run on this node unless you stop it.