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Configure Pulsar Producer Properties for Pulsar Outbound

Producer Props

A map of the topic name to the Pulsar producer props. All the valid properties for the Producer can be specified as a map. The configuration map is passed to the loadConf method of a Producer Builder. It is optional to specify this configuration. If the connector doesn't find the topic entry in this map, it will use the default configuration provided by the Pulsar Java Client.

Note There are several additional properties of the Pulsar Producer (currently using defaults) that you can tune to achieve optimal performance depending on your needs and architecture, but we are unable to provide any guidance on tuning of those properties at this time.

Sample producer by topic

topicName: 'non-persistent://public/default/myTopic' # Not required from the Pulsar outbound version 2.2.0
sendTimeoutMs: 2000
producerName: 'producer_non-persistent://public/default/myTopic'