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Supported Serialization Formats for Streaming from Aerospike

The outbound connectors support the same serialization formats aside from the Kafka Avro format. Only the Kafka outbound connector supports that format.

An outbound connector consumes the Aerospike records that are sent to it by Aerospike's change-notification system. The connector then transforms the records to one of these formats, and the records are consumed by downstream applications.

The following message serialization formats are currently supported:

  • Avro: Avro standard format
  • Kafka Avro: An Avro format specifically for sending messages to Apache Kafka
  • Flat JSON: A simple JSON format which does not include type information for fields
  • JSON: A more complex JSON format which allows metadata, such as type information for fields
  • MessagePack: Standard, binary, MessagePack format
  • Custom Format: Format with custom user code.