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Version: Graph 2.0.0

Prometheus Exporter

The Prometheus exporter for Aerospike Graph Service (AGS) provides real-time metrics from AGS. Available metrics include:

  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) information, including memory usage and CPU usage.
  • Server information, including average query time.

For a complete list of available metrics, see the Metrics Reference.

The Prometheus Exporter runs on port 9090 by default with a default path of /metrics. You can override these defaults by setting the following environment variables or configuration options in your configuration file:

aerospike.graph.http.port = <PORT-NUMBER>
aerospike.graph.prometheus.path = </path/to/prometheus>

You can also use Docker port remapping to switch the default port in the container to another port externally.

GremlinServer Metrics

The metrics available through GremlinServer are listed in the TinkerPop documentation.