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Version: Graph 2.0.0

Compute Usage Statistics

Aerospike Graph Service (AGS) collects usage statistics automatically. Each time an AGS instance connects to the Aerospike database cluster, it records the start time, and it periodically records the current time. The virtual CPU (vCPU) and memory size are also recorded. These statistics provide an aggregate of the resource usage of all AGS vCPUs (across instances) connected to the Aerospike database cluster.

You can retrieve usage statistics with the following Gremlin console command:"usage-stats").next()

The command returns a Map<String, Object> with the following fields:

  • raw: the raw usage data.
  • total-vcpu: the total vCPU-years used by all AGS instances.

You can also retrieve usage statistics from a specific time period by specifying a date, in yyyy-mm-dd format."usage-stats").with("since", "yyyy-mm-dd").next()

The following example displays statistics gathered since March 30, 2023:"usage-stats").with("since", "2023-03-30").next()

Example output:

{   'raw': [   {   'epoch-ms-final': 1702327851857,
'epoch-ms-start': 1702326901857,
'memory-gb': 32,
'uuid': '9c0ba414-c9f2-492f-adb9-9792bb6dfed1',
'vcpus': 16},
{ 'epoch-ms-final': 1702327148084,
'epoch-ms-start': 1702327148084,
'memory-gb': 9,
'uuid': 'c924f45e-886d-4c04-8039-292d56ea037c',
'vcpus': 16},
{ 'epoch-ms-final': 1702325278838,
'epoch-ms-start': 1702325278838,
'memory-gb': 9,
'uuid': '45daadf4-0cdb-49e8-b6aa-2aae7bf489b0',
'vcpus': 16},
{ 'epoch-ms-final': 1702323995477,
'epoch-ms-start': 1702323995477,
'memory-gb': 9,
'uuid': '3dfb41cf-0ce1-4326-a2f9-730f63a46db5',
'vcpus': 16}],
'total-vcpu': 0.0004819888381532217}

Output fields

In the raw object, each array element represents an AGS instance. Each instance contains the following statistics:

epoch-ms-startTime since epoch in milliseconds when the AGS instance started.
epoch-ms-finalTime since epoch in milliseconds since the instance was last seen, updated every hour.
memory-gbTotal amount of system memory used by this instance.
uuidUnique identifier of this instance.
vcpusNumber of vCPUs used by this instance.